Coaching for Baby Boomers

Are you a Baby Boomer who is feeling perplexed about your life goals?  Perhaps you had a plan for yourself now you find yourself wondering, “What’s next?”

I specialize in helping Baby Boomers (folks born between 1946-1964) create healthier relationships and lifestyles.  Coaching can help you enjoy spending time with spouse, grandkids, friends.  Coaching can offer you a way to figure out how to have fun during this phase of life.  Whether you are finishing up your career and moving into retirement or seeking new career opportunities, coaching can support you navigate your path.

Do you have health challenges or caregiving responsibilities that impede your ability to enjoy this phase of life?

You may have health challenges or caring for an aging parent.  Perhaps you are raising your grandchildren. Maybe you are wanting to develop a self care plan for yourself but not sure of how to start. Coaching can also be a supportive environment in which you create goals and set accountability for how to take care of the most important person- you!

If you choose to work with me, one of the first questions I will ask you is: what are your goals in this new phase of your life?

  • Travel to a tropical country for the winter and spend the cold months there?
  • New social or love relationships?
  • Move to a foreign country and learn a new language or practice the language that you learned so long ago?
  • Become healthier through exercising, following your doctor’s orders, and starting a new eating regimen?

If these are questions that keep nagging at you day and night, let me be your guide in this exploration to discover ways to bring this joy, fun, happiness, and health into your life.

I am an Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach with 20 years of experience in coaching clients just like you.