Martin Wenger – Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach

Embrace Fearlessness, Transform Your Life

Welcome! If you’re reading this, it’s likely that your intuition is nudging you to make a change. Fear might be keeping you stuck, but I’m here to guide you towards a breakthrough.

About Me: With specialized training in overcoming fear, I have the tools to help you navigate fear and unlock your true potential. Together, we can transform fear into a catalyst for profound life changes.


Areas of Expertise:

  1. Career: If you feel unfulfilled in your current path and sense a calling for something more, I can support you in finding fulfillment and discovering new possibilities.
  2. Love Life: Whether you’re experiencing boredom, irritability, or contemplating a shift in your relationship, I can help you navigate conversations, explore energy shifts, and guide you towards a scenario that aligns with your needs and desires.
  3. Self-Care: If fear has been holding you back from engaging in activities that nurture your well-being, such as dancing, cooking, or trying new experiences, I can empower you to redefine fear and embrace genuine self-care in your life.

My Journey: My personal experiences deeply inform my coaching approach. I have triumphed over an abusive childhood, self-destructive patterns in early adulthood, and alcohol addiction. Despite these challenges, I have not only survived but thrived. I have successfully raised twin daughters who are happy and accomplished, and I am happily married and financially stable. Most importantly, I have remained sober for over 40 years, cultivating resilience and wisdom along the way.

Credentials: I am proud to be a graduate of esteemed programs such as the Fearless Living Training Program, Change Your Life in 30 Days, Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW), Fearless Conversations Workshop (FCW), Pathway of Change (PCW), and Fearless Loving Workshop (FLW). These comprehensive trainings have enriched my understanding of fear transformation and personal growth.

Let’s Connect: Over the past two decades, my work as a Fearless Living coach has empowered countless individuals to live authentically, fearlessly, and joyfully. Contact me today to begin a conversation about how I can support your transformative journey.